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Ek Onkar


Guru Nanak Dev Ji spread a simple message of Ek Onkar, we are all one, created by the one Creator of all Creation. He said that there is one God and the name of God is Sat Nam (truth). To show it’s importance, Ek Onkar is the first line at the head of all gurbani and forms the first line of the Mool Mantra which begins the Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s followers were the Sikhs (the seekers of truth) and came from different communities and castes. Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught the Sikhs to bow only before God and that in order to experience God within themselves they should:

  • Naam Japna

To get up each day before sunrise, bathe to clean the body and then meditate on God’s name and recite the Guru’s hymns to cleanse the mind. Then, throughout the day to continually remember God’s name.


“By repeating God’s Name I have made God’s temple; O saints and followers, Sing God’s praises day and night.” (Guru Arjan Dev Ji)

  • Vand Chhakna

To share with others and support the entire community.


“Love of worldy things, like a snake has entangled the whole world in it’s coils. Whoever holds it lovingly, gets bitten by it.” (Guru Amar Das Ji)

  • Kirt Kani

To work and earn a honest living. To practice truthfulness and honesty in all dealings.


“Truth is the highest virtue, higher still is truthful living.” (Guru Nanak Dev Ji).

By following this path, a Sikh can achieve liberation by becoming gur-mukh (God centred) instead of being mun-mukh (self centred).